Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bending The Truth (And Some Sheet Metal)

D-Day: 'Hey, quit your blubberin'. When I get through with this baby you won't even recognize it.'
Otter: 'Flounder, you can't spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes! You fucked up - you trusted us! Hey, make the best of it! Maybe we can help.'
Flounder: 'That's easy for you to say! What am I going to tell Fred?'
Otter: 'I'll tell you what. We'll tell Fred you were doing a great job taking care of his car, but you parked it out back last night and in the morning, it was gone. We report it to the police, your brother's insurance company buys him a new car. D-Day takes care of the wreck.'
Flounder: 'Will that work?'
Otter: 'Hey, it's gotta work better than the truth.'
Bluto: 'My advice to you is to start drinking heavily.'
Otter: 'Better listen to him, Flounder, he's in pre-med.'
D-Day: 'There you go now, just leave everything to me.'

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