Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mr. Sensitive

Obituary Writer: 'There's another one here. Native San Franciscan. Plumber. Elliot, Ralph. Moved to Dallas, disappeared four months ago, body was found in a sewer.'
Newspaper Employee: 'Well, guy takes his job too seriously, life goes down the drain.'
Charlie Mackenzie: 'Did they mention anything about his wife?'
Newspaper Employee: 'All right, okay. Look, I know that we're talking about real people here. I'm sorry.'
Charlie Mackenzie: 'No no, I'm serious. Did they mention the wife?'
Newspaper Employee: 'Look, I'm sorry you know. You know, I didn't mean to make a joke about other people's lives.'
Charlie Mackenzie: 'No no, I'm really serious. Did they mention the wife?'
Newspaper Employee: 'You win, you win okay? I'm a bad person!'
Obituary Writer: 'Just take it easy!'
Newspaper Employee: 'No, he's sayin' I'm insensitive! He's sayin' I'm a shit!'
Obituary Writer: 'He's not sayin' you're a shit!'
Charlie Mackenzie: 'Did they mention the wife? Did they mention the wife?'
Newspaper Employee:' No! No! They didn't mention the wife! Ya happy?'
Newspaper Employee: 'Yeah! Oh yes, yeah. I'm insensitive! I'm a very insensitive man! Stop you're job, look at the insensitive man! That's what they're paying you for!'
Obituary Writer: 'He was my ride home.'
Charlie Mackenzie: 'Understood.'

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