Monday, October 19, 2009

The Challenge Is Accepted

Ricky Bobby: 'What's going on?'
Jean Girard: 'Soon you will know what it is like to be beaten by the hands of somebody who is truly better than you. As William Blake wrote "The catworm forgives the plow".'
Ricky Bobby: 'Well I got something for you from the late great Colonel Sanders who said "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken."'
Jean Girard: 'What's that got to do with this?'
Cal Naughton Jr.: 'I got a message for all of 'em. Shake... and bake.'
Ricky Bobby: 'What does that do? Does that blow your mind? That just happened!'
Jean Girard: 'What is that a catch phrase or is that, uh, epilepsy?'
Cal Naughton Jr.: 'Shake and bake.'
Jean Girard: 'What?'
Cal Naughton Jr.: 'Shake and bake.'
Jean Girard: 'Listen you better be careful because tomorrow you're going to get beaten. Beaten real bad cowboy!'
Ricky Bobby: 'Really?'
Jean Girard: 'Yes!'

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