Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I (Crossed-Out Heart) Crepes

Jean Girard: 'Bon. So, what if you just said: "I love really thin pancakes"? That is a fair compromise, no?'
Kyle: 'That is a fair compromise.'
Herschell: 'Very fair, actually.'
Ricky Bobby: 'No! Because then everyone would know I really meant crêpes!'
Kyle: 'That's actually a pretty good compromise right there.'
Jean Girard: 'Why do you want me to break your arm so badly?'
Ricky Bobby: You don't understand. You don't understand because you don't understand liberty. You don't understand freedom. So you put a crack in my arm like the crack in the Liberty Bell! You hear me?'
Cal Naughton Jr.: 'Hey. This is just between you and me, okay? I mean, forget all these other guys. But he did give you a pretty decent out. But it's your call.'
Ricky Bobby: 'What do you think?'
Cal Naughton Jr.: 'Don't say it.'
Ricky Bobby: 'Yeah. I'm not gonna say it. Nope. Break it, Pepé Le Pew!'
Jean Girard: 'As you wish.'
Ricky Bobby: 'He actually did it!'

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