Saturday, August 1, 2009

F&%* the FCC

Jackie: 'My answer is "cock", and I wrote it really big, so I have a "big cock!"'
Howard: 'I'm afraid you can't say "big cock" on the air. That's a no-no.'
Robin Quivers: 'But I just said "pussy".'
Jackie: 'Yeah, she just said "pussy".'
Howard: 'Well, "pussy's" okay. It's the way you say it. "Big cock" coming out of your mouth is, just not good.'
Jackie: 'Wait a minute. I can't say "big cock", but you can say "big cock coming out of your mouth?"'
Howard: 'That's right.'
Jackie: 'That sucks!'
Fred Norris: 'Did you just say "big cock coming out of your mouth that sucks"?'
Howard: 'So Brett, what did you write down?'
Robin Quivers: 'Just like the boys, Gene. I've got "cock".'
Howard: 'Do me a favor. Hold that up for a second so I can see your "cock".'

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