Friday, July 17, 2009

Beanie's Wedding Day Pep Talk

Frank: 'Hey, I just want to thank you one last time for being here. It's the best day ever.'
Beanie: 'Don't even start with me, Franklin, okay? You need to walk away from this ASAP.'
Frank: 'What?'
Beanie: 'You need to get out, Frankie. This is it. It's now or never. You need to get out of here while you're still single.'
Frank: 'I'm not single.'
Beanie: 'She's 30 yards away, you're single now.'
Frank: 'Come on, Marissa's the best thing that's ever happened to me.'
Beanie: 'Why don't you give that six months. You don't think that'll change? I got a wife, kids. Do I seem like a happy guy to you, Frankie?'
Beanie: 'There's my wife. See that? Always smiling? Hi, honey. Judging, watching, "Look at the baby."'
Mitch Martin: 'She's coming down the aisle, Beanie. Let it go.'

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