Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Words To Live By

'I hope you have a big trunk, because I'm puttin' my bike in it.' ~ Andy
'You're putting the pussy on a pedestal.' ~ Jay
'I love your sweater. Does that come in a V-neck?' ~ David
'If she starts waxing his pubes, I'm outta here.' ~ Cal
'"Gandhi" baked is good. I always feel bad when I watch it baked because I get really hungry and I'm eating a lot and poor Gandhi is starving his ass off.' ~ Cal
'He sold his old toys for over half a million dollars! We gotta get some fucking toys!' ~ Jay
'Tell me something, when your child is born, is he already on parole?' ~ Mooj
'You should keep your ho on a leash.' ~ Andy
'So, tell me, Montel. Why weren't we invited to the party? What are we, Al Qaeda?' ~ Haziz
'Dude, it's not a big deal that you like to fuck guys. I'm cool, I got friends who fuck guys, in jail.' ~ Jay
'Where do you put the penis?' ~ Andy
'Dude, you look like a man-o-lantern.' ~ David
'She had hands as big as Andre the Giant's, and she had an Adam's apple as big as her balls.' ~ Andy
'There were two sides to that billboard, and they both hurt equally.' ~ Andy
'You know what's a fun game? Take 3 Excedrin PM's and see if you can whack off before you fall asleep. You always win, that's the best part about the game.' ~ Cal

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