Thursday, July 23, 2009

Those Words Are Dangerous

'Dames are put on this earth to weaken us, drain our energy, laugh at us when they see us naked.' ~ Danny Vermin
'You shouldn't grab me, Johnny. My mother grabbed me once. Once!' ~ Danny Vermin
'Hey Pope, why don't you go build yourself a new gym at the Vatican.' ~ Johnny
'Bless the saints, it's an ashtray! I've been thinking of taking up smoking. This clinches it!' ~ Ma Kelly
'I would like to direct this to the distinguished members of the panel: You lousy cork-soakers. You have violated my farging rights. Dis somanumbatching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens like me could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin iceholes, like yourselves.' ~ Roman Moroni
'You shouldn't kick me in the balls, Mrs. Kelly. My sister kicked me in the balls once.' ~ Danny Vermin
'With a father like "Killer" Kelly, it's a wonder neither of you turned out to be a piece 'o shit criminal!' ~ Ma Kelly
'You shouldn't hang me on a hook, Johnny. My father hung me on a hook once. Once!' ~ Danny Vermin
'You fargin sneaky bastage. I'm gonna take your dwork. I'm gonna nail it to the wall. I'm gonna crush your boils in a meat grinder. I'm gonna cut off your arms. I'm gonna shove 'em up your icehole. Dirty somanubatches. My own club!' ~ Roman Moroni
'I've been fulfilling a lot of people's prophecies about me; I've become a real scumbag.' ~ Danny Vermin

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