Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Sure Thing (1985)

Fat Guy: 'What's wrong with me? I'm a good-looking guy.'
Gib: 'You are. You are a good-looking guy. And I'm a good-looking guy.'
Fat Guy: 'You are.'
Gib: 'I am.'
Cowboy Guy: 'We're all three good-looking guys.'
Gib: 'That's right. We are. And it's Christmas time, and I'm gonna buy you a drink.'
Fat Guy: 'Something light.'
Gib: 'What, like a nice Chablis?'
Fat Guy: 'No, Spritzer.'
Gib: 'Spritzer?'
Fat Guy: 'Yeah.'
Gib: 'Barkeep! Get this man a trough of Spritzer. And you, Cowboy Guy, what do you wanna drink?'
Cowboy Guy: 'I'll have a beer.'
Gib: 'Get Cowboy Guy a beer.'

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  1. I've had this quote in my head since I first saw this movie in January of 1986